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WE PROVIDE NO KILL EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE, SUPPLIES AND CARE TO ANIMALS AND THEIR FAMILIES IN TIMES OF CRISIS. We are currently re-equipping for future natural disasters, and working on new facilities to save more animals.

We always have pets in need of adoption: View our adoptable pets on We need your help now more than ever.

We want to help the animals, and our human neighbors. We love to see the "happily ever afters." Education, assistance, pet retention, recovery efforts, adoption programs, and building a strong support center for animals and the humans who care for them - with a focus on reverence of the human/animal spiritual bond. We work to improve their lives, and to help them along their way home. Saving companion animals is our religion! We are also a very active advocacy group working to promote NO KILL sheltering policies and practices in the U.S.A.. The broken "overpopulation" myth-fed kill shelter system interrupts the lives and spiritual paths of millions of displaced companion animals and their human counterparts every year. LOVE DESERVES LIFE. We believe that companion animals chose to align themselves with humanity as guides, teachers and "pets." Our survival as a species depends upon the welfare and existence of our non-human companions. They offer us unconditional lessons in PURE LOVE, and their bonds with us are SACRED. Some paths consider them "familiars" and others consider them "guides." We prefer to see them as FAMILY. Non-human sentient beings who have SOULS, and who join our lives as members of our households, sharing our spirituality. As such it is our duty to save and protect them. We feel that this can best be accomplished by reforming the broken sheltering system, and helping as many as we can, as often as we can.

N.K.R.E.R. is the official D.B.A. of the Heart of Leo Animal Sanctuary / Heaven's Gateway Horse Rescue, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and Earth-Spiritual Church. Founded in 2000 as a horse rescue, and incorporated in 2002; then expanded in 2011 to help ALL companion animals.

501(c)(3) EIN: 84-1611507

Some of the 5/19/2013 tornado survivors we have helped.

"It's all for the furbabies."

No Kill Rapid Emergency Response via KWTV NEWS 9.

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